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Covid-19 Impact On Shipping Delays

How has COVID 19 affected Superfoodlife's shipping

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented volumes of shipping and freight backup worldwide.  Thousands of warehouses have faced intermittent shutdowns and millions of shipping personnel have been asked to quarantine.  At the same time, tens of millions of people are shopping online for the first time in an attempt to avoid public transmission of the disease, causing even more obstacles with delivery driver shortages and logistics.  Unfortunately, this has caused frequent delays in Superfoodlife's product shipments.  

Will this affect all orders?

No.  We're proud to say that the majority of our orders have shipped and arrived in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, there's no way to predict which warehouse, delivery business, or logistics company may face labor shortages, and therefore delays, due to the pandemic.  It’s also impossible to know how different countries, states, and provinces will react to rising numbers of COVID 19 cases.  For this reason, please accept our apology for the situation and feel free to contact customer service if you experience an issue.

Are some countries more affected than others?

Yes.  Orders shipped within the USA are the most likely to arrive on time and without issues.  International shipping to countries like Australia or other parts of Asia require additional precautions and preventative measures that may increase the likelihood of delays.  If you're outside of the USA, please consult your national custom's department for more specific and up-to-date information.  

What is Superfoodlife doing to improve the situation?

At Superfoodlife, many of our products feature organic ingredients that don't grow in the USA.  This left us in a vulnerable spot, being subject to other countries' political and cultural reactions to the pandemic.  So we've taken it upon ourselves to increase our American inventory, and we've even upgraded to a completely new fulfillment center with more employees to help package and deliver your product in these unprecedented times.

How long will these delays last?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict with certainty.  With new variants of COVID-19, different countries and even states are experiencing different rates of labor shortages, and therefore delays.  We can promise that we've done everything we can to have as much product in inventory as possible at facilities with a surplus of staff waiting to ship your order.  

When can I expect my order?

Everyone in the USA should expect their order within 5-10 business days.  International orders may have to check with their national customs department.  You will be emailed a tracking number to assist you in staying updated about your packages' location.  The overwhelming majority of our customers will not experience any delay, but please understand that as new COVID 19 strains are contracted, employees in the shipping industry fall ill and these labor shortages can cause unpredictable delays at any time.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes, you can absolutely cancel and receive a refund any time within 2 months of your order.  Just send an email to with your order number and name.  We’d also be happy to provide you with a coupon for your next order if you feel inconvenienced by this in any way.  Just contact our email and mention this offer.